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Amazing Hygieia is a superior disinfection and sterilisation agent known as Electrolysed oxidised water. It is available in a convenient powder form in a 3.2 gm satchet to give upto 10 litres of disinfectent.

HygieiaDent is a specialised disinfectant for the dental industry. Dentists can replace regular water with HygieiaDent in their water line.
It can be used in the Airotor/ Hi Speed syringe, 3 way syringe, Ultrasonic Scaler & Spitoon.

  • 100% non toxic, non hazardous and food contact safe.
  • Non-alcohol based and non-inflammable.
  • Safe for eyes and skin and 100% safe when inhaled.

Amazing Hygieia/ HygieiaDent
is the only stable EO water available in pH of 5.5 to 6.5 with zero chlorine gasification. It is a patented japanese technology that can be deployed for surface, human and aerial disinfection.

EO water is INMAS DRDO , USA FDA, US CDC and US EPA approved and certified by Ministry of Health Japan as a food contact product.

Aerial disinfection is done by our patented Ultrasonic foggers that give out a dry mist of under 5 microns which is 99.99% effective against all known air borne pathogens including the novel Corona virus. Amazing Hygieia/ HygieiaDent will soon be available in ready to use liquid format too.

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