We are India’s first Water Technology Platform with a mission to address India’s major water woes.

Our platform identifies and collaborates with global water technologies.

We leverage their IP’s to build custom solutions for India, resulting in:



Amazing Hygieia

A superior disinfection and sterilisation agent known as Electrolysed Oxidised Water. It is available in a convenient powder form in a 3.2 gm satchet to give upto 10 litres of disinfectant.


A specialised disinfectant for the dental industry. Dentists can replace regular water with HygieiaDent in their water line. It can be used in the Airotor/ Hi Speed syringe, 3 way syringe, Ultrasonic Scaler.

  • 100% non toxic, non hazardous and food contact safe.
  • Non-alcohol based and non-inflammable.
  • Safe for eyes and skin and 100% safe when inhaled.

Aerial disinfection is done by our patented Ultrasonic foggers that give out a dry mist of under 5 microns which is 99.99% effective against all known air borne pathogens including the Novel Corona Virus.

Amazing Hygieia & HygieiaDent will soon be available in ready to use liquid format as well.

Amazing Hygieia/ HygieiaDent is the only stable EO water available in pH of 5.5 to 6.5 with zero chlorine gasification. It is a patented japanese technology that can be deployed for surface, human and aerial disinfection.

EO water is INMAS DRDO , USA FDA, US CDC and US EPA approved and certified by Ministry of Health Japan as a food contact product.


Amazing Ambrosia Pvt Ltd is India’s first Water Technology Platform that seeks to identify India’s water and sanitation problems and solve them by identifying world class technologies, adapting, innovating and manufacturing them locally to have an exponentially transformative impact on India.

Dr. Basant Kumar Sharma (PhD, USA)

  • Founder of AAPL, veteran water technocrat with over five decades of experience in worldwide water technology solutions
  • Spearheaded the first bottled drinking water filtration plant in India
  • Pioneer in providing solutions for sewage/effluent treatment, demineralization, descaling, swimming pools, etc.
  • Innumerable relationships around the world with water technologies
  • Transferring his know-how, relationships, experience and technology to AAPL on an ongoing basis

Sidharth Sharma

  • A second generation technocrat with a major in chemistry who is taking his fathers vision forward to provide clean water and the best water solutions to the planet.
  • A practicing Buddhist who believes in the principle of bringing beauty , benefit and good to society.
  • Passionate about his father’s vision and his forte lies in people skills and business development.

Mr. Mahendra N. Patel (Promoter, Mamata Group)

  • Passionate about manufacturing since his early years
  • 4 decades of experience in the manufacturing industry. Technical know how that is unparalleled in the industry
  • Chairman, Mamata Machinery
  • Executive Vice Chairman, KHS Machinery (India)
  • Executive Vice Chairman: Milacron India, Kloeckner Desma (India)
  • Former President: Ahmedabad Management Association
  • Past President of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2012)
  • Past Chairman of National Executive Council for Plastindia (2009)
  • Masters in Industrial Engineering and Administration, Cranfield University, UK

Mr. Rahul Mehta (Founder & Managing Director, MentorCap Management)

  • Twenty years of investment and owner-engagement experience across sectors and market capitalizations
  • Superior track record of family office portfolio management, delivering 25% annualized returns
  • Passionate about investments; deep network built over two decades comprising investment professionals of similar disposition
  • Founder & MD: MentorCap Management
  • Founder: Upstart Advisors, Equisearch Corp Services
  • Former Head, Investments: BNP India, Sunidhi
  • Former Consultant: Raymond James
  • Former Investment Analyst: Corporate Database
  • CA / Cost Accountant: Top 1%

Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti (Founder & Chairman, MentorCap Management)

  • Thought leader on governance; deep network of corporate leadership relations built on trust and integrity over 35 years
  • Global Chairman – Foundation for Audit Quality.
  • Chairman: Bluestar Limited, L&T Finance Holdings Limited, L&T Mutual Fund Trustee Limited, NSDL E-Governance Infrastructure Limited, Bluevine Technologies Private Limited, New Haribhakti Business Services LLP, Planet People & Profit Consulting Private Limited
  • Vice Chairman: Intuit Consulting Private Limited
  • Independent Director: Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited, Ambuja Cements Limited, ACC Limited, Bajaj Electricals Limited, Bennett Coleman & Company Limited, Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited

Mr. Abhay Havaldar (Mentor, MentorCap Management)

  • Leading technology investor in India
  • Former Advisory Director / Managing Director: General Atlantic
  • Former Director: National Stock Exchange of India
  • Director: Jubilant FoodWorks, IBS Software Services, HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd.
  • Former Partner: Draper International, Connect Capital
  • Previously: Tata Unisys/Infotech (now TCS) and HCL Infosystems
  • Charter Member: The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE)
  • Board Member: Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE)
  • Masters in Management: Sloan Fellow program at the London Business School
  • BE (Electrical Engineering): University of Bombay

Shripad Nadkarni

  • Marketing guru with thirty years of experience with blue-chip companies and now as an investor with early stage category leaders.

Kapil Grover

  • Through M/s. Societe European Propulsion arranged liquid Engine Technology for the Indian Launch vehicle programme. Liquid Engine is the work horse of the PSLV and GSLV launchers of ISRO.
  • Through M/s. Airliquide-France, arranged critical welding technology for the Cryogenic tanks for the India launch vehicle.
  • Through M/s.Pegard-Belguim arranged for transfer of Technology for Horizontal boring machines to HMT-India.
  • Through M/s.Creuzot Loire, France arranged for transfer of technology of circular saw machine to M/s. Jessops-Kolkata.
  • Currently representing world leaders like Yamazaki Mazak-Japan, Okamoto-Japan, Citizen-Japan, SMS and Fritz Werner-Germany in the field of Precision Metal cutting machines.

Water Technologies

Sr. No. Domain / Technology Country
1. Water Technologist
2. Alkaline Ionised Water, Electrolysed Oxidising Water, and other water related technologies
3. Water Technologist
4. Patented process using nano-membrane for effluent and difficult water treatment, and deep-sea desalination
5. Carbon-nanotubes based technology for water treatment
6. Micro-nano bubbles for cleaning of water-bodies, anti-clogging for water wells, borewells, underwater pumps & pipes
7. Proprietary polymer based patented Hollow Fiber UF Membrane technology for water purification, effluent water and Zero Liquid Discharge treatment
8. Patented salts customized for Arsenic and other Heavy Metals contaminant removal
9. Patented solar powered distillation process for water purification and small-scale desalination
10. AI driven virtual water-prospecting program


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